Water Damage Renovation Made Easier


There’s nothing worst than coming home from vacation only to find flooding inside your house because of burst pipe on the bathroom. With the burst pipe left unknown for days, the water damage is quite extensive and until the flooded area is dried, cleaned, and restored, your house won’t be habitable for a while.

Water damage can be really severe. It can damage the floor and the wall structure, damaging electrical lines and electrical equipment, and not to mention the humidity can lead to mold infestation. Drying the area, cleaning and sterilizing the area, and restore will too much too handle. You need a professional water damage restoration Calgary. We proudly recommend Homeworks Restoration.

This company is a fully licensed water damage restoration contractor and has been serving Calgary and greater area for years. It has team of professionals with expertise and experiences handling all types of water damage restoration. This company will handle everything from drying the water, securing the premise, cleaning and sterilizing, to do the repair and restoring the area affected by water damage into a perfectly habitable space again. This team will work efficiently and will make sure to deliver nothing but the best result.

Once the damaged area is restored, you may need to consider improving the bathroom. Not only it will replace the bursting pipe and other vulnerable parts, it can also give you a new and better bathroom. For this, you can always trust Golden Acre Renovations, a leading and trusted home renovation contractor. It is among the most referred name for bathroom renovations Calgary. This company is known for its high precision details, high quality works, and excellent customer service as well as the most competitive price. When you are looking for a contractor to translate your concept of ideal bathroom, this contractor is the one to choose.