Ipe Decking Cost Breakdown


Wondering how much ipe decking cost for your decking project? Chances are you are one of the people who are largely unaware of this type of wood material. Only available in certain areas, the fact that Ipe wood isn’t as familiar as other type of hardwood shouldn’t be surprising. Due to its excellent quality and lifespan, the hardwood is not only strong in nature, it’s also incredibly durable.

The combination of strength and durability makes it the perfect choice for outdoor use. From deck attached to your swimming pool, to the deck attached to your house. Often found  in Brazil and South America, this type of material is considerably more expensive than its hardwood counterparts. Perhaps this is the primary reason why many homeowners wary about the total cost of the material.

The costs of Ipe hardwood

Prior to starting your decking project, you must look at both the cost of labor and the deck itself. When it comes to the price of material, Ipe hardwood pieces are generally varied. However, each piece typically ranges from 3.50-dollars to 5-dollars for each square foot. When you add the cost of labor, you may look at as much as 20-dollars for each square foot for decking. Not only that, the price quoted may also increase depending on the additional materials used to get the job done.

Where to look for quality, yet affordable Ipe woods?

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Not only that, the online supplier also offer eased-edge standard Ipe woods and Pregrooved Ipe. All at an affordable price to minimize your ipe decking cost, so what are you waiting for?