Budget Friendly Garbage Disposal Machine


There’s a stereotype that garbage disposal is an expensive kitchen appliance. The price of a garbage disposal unit is already expensive and it still requires installation that won’t be cheap. Not only that, using this appliance will certainly increase electricity bill and not to mention the cost to maintain and repair the unit. The expensive stereotype is what makes many people hesitate to have a garbage disposal. Waste King L-2600 is the one that will change that stereotype.

Waste King is already known for its budget friendly garbage disposal products. The L-2600 is the latest model of its Legend Series and with it is really designed as the Best Waste Kind Disposal for budget concerned home owners. Waste King L-2600 is powered with ½ hp magnet motor working at 2600 RPM, powerful enough to crush organic waste to liquid while it offers low energy consumption. This model has full stainless steel parts to prevent corrosion and offers high durability. This garbage disposal model has low noise, thanks to its advanced sound insulation, and it is a great feature for an entry level garbage disposal model.

Waste King L-2600 comes with very reasonable price but that’s not the only reason this model is great choice for budget concerned home owners. This model is designed for easy installation. It comes with EZ mounting system allowing the unit to be installed using only common tools most people have at home. You don’t even need to hire plumber to install because it is so simple to do and you can save money from the plumber’s fee. This model also comes with 5 year warranty. No wonder this L-2600 model is crowed as the Best Waste King Disposal with price under $100. There’s no more reason to not having a garbage disposal at your kitchen to make your life so much easier.